Workshop  /  17. November 2014  -  18. November 2014

Vision | Flat

Coating on flat substrates

A reason to celebrate

Energy-efficient glazing is one of the central aspects of modern architecture, housing and renovation. Fraunhofer FEP’s Division of Coating on Flat Substrates has been contributing to the developments in energy-efficiency over the last twenty years focusing on transparent heat-reflection, diffusion barrier layers, transparent conductive materials and related coating processes.

With VISION FLAT, an international networking workshop, we offer an opportunity to strengthen scientific and business collaboration in the area of thin-film vacuum coating, glass production and architecture to address together current and future global challenges. Representatives of leading companies, Corning Inc., Saint-Gobain Glass, Schott AG and experts in this field will highlight recent technological achievements and provide an outlook on future trends.New smart products and the global increasing demand for transparent architecture are posing new requirements to the fabrication and handling of flat materials such as glass, flexible glass and polymers.

The technology session will cover the aspects of large-area, homogeneous, dynamic layer deposition, up-scaling of coating processes, in-line process monitoring, deposition of layer systems via sputtering for architectural glazing, lighting, automotive applications and optics.

As a key reference in the area of cultural preservation, the activities of the Fraunhofer FEP in renovation of historical mirrors in the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) will be showcased.

The event will be accompanied by a networking dinner on the first day and entertained by the local band that will make you all swing.

Meet our experts and friends in a pleasant atmosphere and celebrate with us!


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