LB 9

The surface treatment and coating give polymer films and other flexible substrates very valuable properties. Such modifications allow these materials to be used for a wide variety of innovative products.

The Fraunhofer FEP possesses a large number of pilot-scale plants. Equally important, however, is our small-scale experimental equipment for carrying out initial feasibility studies and technology development work.

The special feature of the LB 9 experimental equipment is the ability to combine key vacuum process technologies on a small scale. For example, the LB 9 has an evaporation unit, a hollow cathode for plasma activated evaporation, and a dual magnetron system which allows metals and dielectric materials to be sputtered onto substrates. This flexibility of processing means that a wide variety of layers can be applied to the substrates. The substrates can also be heated. Both glasses and polymer films are suitable substrate materials.

The LB 9 allows the compatibility of new layers to be tested on different substrates, and also the quality of new sputter-targets or other process components can be evaluated, for example using plasma diagnostics.