The process and application development work of the institute is based on 6 core technologies that utilize electron beams and plasmas.

These 6 core technologies are being continuously advanced and are utilized by a range of industries. The scaling up of these technologies for coating and processing large surfaces at high rates is a key aspect of our development work. Our know-how and our own resources for process and hardware development allow us to turn innovation directly into practical solutions.


Electron beam

Generation, shaping and control of the electron beam, its effect on the material and the realization of the necessary process technology, are the key aspects of our work in this core competency.



We utilize and develop sputtering technologies in order to efficiently apply layers and multilayer systems in vacuo to large areas.


Plasma-activated high-rate deposition

Effective vacuum coating requires high coating rates over large areas. However, the way towards higher coating rates, especially for high-rate deposition, is not straightforward, since the fast growing layers feature columnar layer structures.

High-rate PECVD

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) using microwave or high frequency (HF) plasma is an established process for depositing silicon-based polymer layers for various applications. Vapor-phase monomers enter a reaction chamber and are ionized, excited, or decomposed by a plasma.

Technologies for organic electronics

The strength of Fraunhofer FEP is the availability of numerous processes and equipment as well as clean rooms that enable process development and innovation through combination of methods and processes. Fraunhofer FEP can access various coating technologies, as vacuum evaporation of organic and inorganic material, atomic layer deposition (ALD), print and lamination methods as well as laser ablation.

IC and system design

Our long-term experience in design of analog, mixed-signal, digital IC provides a basis for the realization of customized solutions. The typical applications follow the slogan more-than-moore, in the integration of additional functions.

Technology transfer

We offer:

  • technology transfer and introduction of the process into production
  • technology transfer including fitting plants with key components
    (also retro-fit of existing plants)
  • scale up of processes and technologies for industrial plants