Electron beam

Electron beam technology
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Generation, shaping and control of the electron beam, its effect on the material and the realization of the necessary process technology, are the key aspects of our work in this core competency.  Electron beams are very flexible tools. They can be used for a variety of processes for treating materials. The best known applications are welding, curing, PVD coating using electron beam evaporation as well as sterilization of surfaces and modification of plastics.

In our business unit „electron beam applications“, we open up new fields of application for this technology. Customized development and testing of process engineering solutions right through to their implementation in production allows optimal tailoring of processes to the needs of our customers.

This work includes providing samples of customer-specific work pieces and test samples and carrying out pilot applications of electron beam technologies. As well as process monitoring and quality assurance. The development and realization of plant technology for specific innovative applications also takes into account economic aspects of industrial-scale processes.

Our offer

  • development of technologies for the above-mentioned areas
  • development of electron beam sources including control units
  • feasibility studies for specific products
  • pilot production series
  • implementation of processes in the production
  • support for customers with the realization of plants


  • electron beam curing
  • electron beam welding
  • electron beam structuring
  • 3-D computer tomography
  • sterilization / disinfection with accelerated electrons [ PDF ]
  • electron beam modification of polymers [ PDF ]
  • electron beam curing of lacquers [ PDF ]
  • electron beam treatment of seeds [ PDF ]


Technological key components

  • EasyBeam technology package
  • ERIC technology package
  • torus source
  • 3-D x-ray flash sources
  • band emitters
  • electron beam deflection systems