Plasma-activated high-rate deposition

Plasma-activated high-rate deposition
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Effective vacuum coating requires high coating rates over large areas. However, the way towards higher coating rates, especially for high-rate deposition, is not straightforward, since the fast growing layers feature columnar layer structures.

Even for bond formation during a reactive evaporation process, the energies of the vapor particles are often insufficient for stoichiometric deposition of oxide, nitride or carbide layers. A suitable way of increasing the energy of the particles is plasma activation during the evaporation.

High-power sources for dense plasmas, which allow a high coating rate and the coating of large areas, are required for this purpoose. At Fraunhofer FEP, processes giving high-rate deposition with differently steered arc discharges (SAD and HAD processes) have been developed.

Our offer

  • development of coating processes and layer systems for your product
  • development and supply of key components (vaporizers, plasma sources)
  • in-situ quality control and process automation
  • plant technology and operator know-how for plasma-activated evaporation plants

Process variation

  • SAD process
  • HAD process


  • MAXI [ PDF ]
  • novoFlex® 600 [ PDF ]
  • EMO [ PDF ]
  • ERICA [ PDF ]
  • ALMA 1000 [ PDF ]

Technological key components

  • SAD module
  • HAD module