Unipolar technology / single magnetron sputter system (SMS system)

Bipolar technology / dual magnetron sputter system (DMS system)

We utilize and develop sputtering technologies in order to efficiently deposit layers and multilayer systems in vacuo to large areas.

Sputter processes are particularly suitable for the precise deposition of thin electrical and optical layers on an industrial scale. They allow layers of very accurate thickness, low roughness, and good layer adhesion to be achieved.

The Fraunhofer FEP is specialized in pulse magnetron sputtering (PMS) and the control of reactive sputter processes. A pulsed electrical energy feed in the magnetron gas discharge allows undesired arcing processes to be reduced.

Reactive process management allows considerable expansion of the range of materials that can be deposited. For example, oxides, nitrides, and oxynitrides can be deposited in addition to metals. Using dual magnetron sputtering (DMS) systems, namely the bipolar technology variant, materials with high electrical insulation properties can also be deposited.

The focus of our work in this core area is technology development, adaptation to new applications, and the development of complex integrated process technology and known-how packages.


  • CLUSTER 300 [ PDF ]
  • ILA 900 [ PDF ]
  • LB nano
  • ILA 750 [ PDF ]

Technological key components

  • S-PCU [ PDF ]
  • UBS-C2 [ PDF ]
  • Double Ring Magnetron - DRM 400 [ PDF ]
  • i-PULSE® [ PDF ]
  • PCUplus [ PDF ]