Photoluminescence after crystallization of amorphous silicon samples
K. Kurasch, M. Allardt, S. Kolodinski, J.-P. Heinß, J. Weber
[German Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2011, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany / Slubice, Poland]

On the way to a comprehensive APC library: Identification of process models and design of controllers for vacuum coating processes
U. Hartung, T. Unkelbach, B. Heimke, L. Gebauer, A. Dementjev, S. Dittrich
[European Advanced Equipment Control / Advanced Process Control Conference, Dresden, Germany]

Influence of evaporation rate, substrate temperature and process chamber pressure on the microstructure of CdTe layers

K. Häfner, H. Morgner, T. Modes, O. Zywitzki, C. Metzner, B. Siepchen, C. Drost, B. Späth, M. Grimm
[EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany]

Annealing effects on titania doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Ti) and gallium doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Ga) thin films prepared by DC-magnetron sputtering
B. Heimke, U. Hartung, T. Kopte
[EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany]

Characterization of microstructure and interfaces in cadmium telluride thin film cells
O. Zywitzki, T. Modes, H. Morgner, B. Siepchen, B. Späth, C. Drost, M. Grimm
[EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany]

Inline High Rate Deposition of Aluminium onto RISE Solar Cells by Electron Beam Technology
J.-P. Heinß, C. Mader, A. Merkle, T. Brendemühl, R. Brendel, L. Ehlers, R. Meyer
[EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany]

Investigation of a Magnetron Assisted PECVD Process for Deposition of a-Si:H and µc-Si:H from a Silane-Hydrogen-Argon Gas Mixture
P. Pötschick, H. Bartzsch, A. Delan, P. Frach
[EU PVSEC, Hamburg, Germany]

Selective phase formation and tailored morphology of oxide films deposited by pulse magnetron sputtering

H. Klostermann
[Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium Potsdam, Germany]

Untersuchung zur Keimminderung auf medizinischen Substraten
G. Gotzmann, C. Wetzel, L. Achenbach, N. Özkucur, R.H.W. Funk, C. Werner
[Thüringer Grenz-und Oberflächentage, Zeulenroda, Germany]

Silber und Kupfer zur antimikrobiellen Ausrüstung von medizinischen Substraten
G. Gotzmann, C. Wetzel, L. Achenbach, N. Özkucur, R.H.W. Funk
[V2011, Dresden, Germany]

Metal-oxide-based nanocomposites comprising advanced gas sensing properties

A. A. Ponomareva, V. A. Moshnikov, D. Glöß, A. Delan, G. Suchaneck
RUSNANOTECH 2011, Moskau, Russia