Cluster tool for complex coating and structuring processes in vacuo

The cluster tool allows complex process chains to be simulated in vacuo. It enables technologies to be developed at favorable cost and enables feasibility studies on coating and structuring processes to be carried out in any desired sequence.

The cluster tool consists of 5 vacuum process chambers, a load lock chamber and a central transfer chamber with handler. The process chambers are fitted with technologies for pre-treating the substrate, for vacuum coating, and for surface modification and structuring, so allowing an array of process variations.

Typical substrates

  • substrates having a diameter of up to 8 inches and a weight of up to 3 kg
  • glass, Si-wafer, polymers, metal

Range of applications

  • development of technologies and feasibility studies for complex vacuum process chains at favorable costs
  • coating and structuring tasks for the manufacture of solar cells and sensors
  • contact, barrier and passivating layers
  • antireflective and transparent conducting oxide layers
  • structuring, separating and connecting of electrical conductor tracks
  • coating and engraving of small components (e.g. tools)
  • metallization of polymers for decorative and EMI applications
  • structured polymer crosslinking for printed electronics