The institute is equipped with several pilot plants for large-area coating (batch, in-line or roll-to-roll processes), electron beam equipment for the efficient modification of surfaces and several clean rooms for the development and pilot production of organic electronics, sensors and microdisplays. Using these plants we can refine flat substrates made from glass, plastics or metal as well as flexible surfaces like metal strips, polymer films or flexible ultra-thin glass as well as 3-dimensional components. The equipment technology in the clean rooms enables coating on 200 mm wafers as well as on glass or film substrates up to 200 x 200 mm² with e. g. organic electronics.

Coating of flat substrates

ILA 900 Vertical in-line sputtering plant for coating large surfaces
ILA 750 Vertical in-line sputtering plant

Coating of flexible substrates

novoFlex®600 Roll-to-roll pilot web coater
coFlex® 600 Roll-to-roll pilot sputter roll coater
labFlex® 200 Lab sputter roll coater
vapoFlex Laboratory coater
atmoFlex 1250 Roll-to-roll pilot wet coating line
FOSA LabX 330 Glass Web coating system for flexible substrates (in cooperation with VON ARDENNE GmbH)

Coating of sheets and metal strips

In-line vacuum coating equipment for sheets and metal strips
EMO Laboratory coater with EB evaporator
VERSA Pilot plant for plasma-enhanced electron-beam vapor deposition
In-line plant for wet chemical surface treatment priot to coating

Electron beam applications

REAMODE Experimental equipment for modifying organic materials using accelerated electrons
Vacuum cluster tool for complex coating and structuring processes
Electron beam machine for surface structuring and for fine and micro welding processes
CLAIRE In-line plant for wet chemical surface treatment prior to coating
TABEA Mobile test rig for electron beam-based environmental technologies

Coating of components

ALMA 1000 Experimental plant for coating bulk goods via plasma-activated high-rate deposition
UNIVERSA Laboratory coater for layer deposition by means of pulse magnetron sputtering
NOVELLA Facility for coating 3D components

Precision coating

Plant for stationary magnetron sputtering
PreSensLine In-line sputtering system for precision coating of large substrates
LB nano Vacuum coating equipment

Clean Room

Fraunhofer FEP uses a modern class 10 clean room of more than 900 m² (refitted in 2008) to meet the demands of further system engineering. Fraunhofer FEP has at its disposal infrastructure unique throughout Europe concerning research, development and pilot fabrication of organic devices.

Fraunhofer FEP process lines:

Prototype line: Rigid/flexible substrates

Substrate size 200 x 200 mm²
Substrate type glass or foil

Pilot line: Rigid substrates

Substrate size 370 x 470 mm² (Generation 2)
Substrate type glass

Pilot line: OLED-on-CMOS

Substrate size 150 or 200 mm diameter
Substrate type Silicon / CMOS wafer
Cycle time 60 minutes
Pilot max. volume substrates / year 6000
Pilot max. volume area -
Prototype / technology research & development Ready


Substrate size up to 300 mm width
Substrate type metal foil and plastic web

Parts of the equipment have been funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony.