Core competencies / Service

Core competencies

The process and application development work of the institute is based on 6 core technologies that utilize electron beams and plasmas. These 4 core technologies are being continuously advanced and are utilized by a range of industries. The scaling up of these technologies for coating and processing large surfaces at high rates is a key aspect of our development work. Our know-how and our own resources for process and hardware development allow us to turn innovation directly into practical solutions.


Electron beam

We utilize thermal, chemical, and biological effects of accelerated electrons in the energy range of 10-300 keV for industrial-oriented technological and engineering development, as well as developing tailored electron-beam sources.


Roll-to-roll technology

We develop high-throughput industrial roll-to-roll technologies for innovative applications of flexible materials.


Plasma-activated large-area and precision coating

We develop plasma-activated coating processes for industrial-scale manufacturing as well as economical and high-quality large-area coating based on PVD and PECVD processes. We offer suitable cleaning processes and plasma pre-treatment


key components

We develop, manufacture, and integrate industrial electron-beam, coating, and plasma sources as well as specific supply, control, and regulation technology. We offer sample coatings and substrate treatments, technology transfer, commissioning, and customer support.



Materials analysis

The department materials analysis at Fraunhofer FEP has versatile methods for characterization of thin films and surfaces.



The institute is equipped with several pilot plants for large-area coating (batch, in-line or roll-to-roll processes), electron beam equipment for the efficient modification of surfaces and several clean rooms for the development and pilot production of organic electronics, sensors and microdisplays.