Fields of application

Electron beam and plasma technology are key techniques in many industries. The layers and layer systems, processes, and technologies for modifying surfaces at the Fraunhofer FEP are therefore key building blocks for developing new products in the following fields:


Optics, sensor technology, and electronics

Coating technologies for the growth areas of optics, sensor technology, and electronics are gaining importance for an increasing number of established products and as a prerequisite for new products.


Medical and Biotechnological Applications

The growth in the medical technology sector is being accompanied by a great variety of innovations. The development of new products and medical equipment is often based on sophisticated starting materials.


Smart building and

In architecture the coating of flat glass with energy-efficient layers for low-energy homes or for renovation of historical buildings is growing in importance. Developments at the Fraunhofer FEP on transparent heat-reflection, sun protection, and diffusion barrier layers on flat glas and flexible polymer substrates ...


Solar energy

Solar energy is converted into heat and electrical energy using solar heating systems and photovoltaic systems, respectively. To develop these technologies further, more efficient systems and low cost manufacturing processes are required.


Optimized surfaces are the basis for a lot of innovation in the machine building sector. Layers that make products and components resistant to corrosion, wear, and scratching have enormous commercial importance.



The packaging sector is under enormous cost pressure: Packaging materials must not be too costly, but are enormously important for the quality and storage life of the end products. The technologies of the Fraunhofer FEP in the area of vacuum coating and surface modification with electrons are ideal for this task due to their high productivity and the excellent surface properties that can be achieved.

Environment and

In order to become widely used, the production costs of environmentally friendly technologies must be lowered further. Especially for energy storage systems this is a strategically important goal. Efficient technologies developed by the Fraunhofer FEP can make an important contribution here.



Hygiene is becoming ever more important and this is particularly so in the agricultural and food sectors. The Fraunhofer FEP possesses a proven method for efficiently freeing seed products, foods, and animal feed of pathogens within a matter of seconds.


Today’s cars reflect our individual preferences. A variety of functions can be implemented through thin-films technologies in optics, lighting and interior as well as through novel systems for connected mobility.


With our services in thin-film technologies we would like not only to enable new products, but also to preserve objects of the past. Plasma processes and electron beam are the tools that we use to sustain historical heritage.