Medical and Biotechnological Applications

The growth in the medical technology sector is being accompanied by a great variety of innovations. The development of new products and medical equipment is often based on sophisticated starting materials.

At Fraunhofer FEP we have been developing technologies for modifying and coating surfaces for many years. Today, this expertise is allowing us to apply biofunctional coatings to surfaces and to customize surface properties. We are increasingly using this know-how for medical technology, for example to functionalize dressing material, or to improve the biocompatibility of implants.

The treatment of medical products with low energy electrons has, in addition, proved to be an effective method for germ reduction and the sterilization of packaging, implants, and medical equipment.

In our biomedical laboratory unit we can directly test the treated surfaces for their biocompatibility, and we can quantify the effect of electron beam or plasma surface treatment.

We are looking forward to evaluate the possibilities our technologies can optimize your surfaces for the contact with biological media.