Optics, sensor technology, and electronics

Coating technologies for the growth areas of optics, sensor technology, and electronics are gaining importance for an increasing number of established products and as a prerequisite for new products. The demands on process technology and technology for guaranteeing high quality at high productivity are constantly increasing.

The Fraunhofer FEP possesses suitable plant technology and many years of experience in applying electrical, optical, acoustic, and magnetic layers and layer systems using vacuum methods to large surfaces in a precise and homogenous way. The high coating rates and accuracy and reliability of our technologies guarantees high productivity and favorable-cost manufacture of demanding products.

Electron beams allow extremely precise welding of sensitive material combinations, particularly for sensor technology. This enables solutions to be developed that are not possible using other welding technologies.

We would be glad to help you develop technologies for your products.


  • optical filters for biomedical technology (e.g. lab-on-chip), spectroscopy (e.g. rugate filter)
  • optical components for high power laser systems
  • optical filters and precision layer systems for multifunctional and 3-D displays
  • colour shifting films for anti-counterfeiting
  • position measuring systems (e.g. lithography)
  • antireflection and anti-scratch layers for spectacles
  • solar beam splitter in combined concentrator plants for solar heating and photovoltaic systems
  • energy-efficient light sources

Sensory technology / electronics

  • insulation for high temperature pressure sensors
  • piezoelectric layers for ultrasound microscopy and for micro-energy harvesting
  • acoustic layers for surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) components
  • high barrier layers for electronics
  • contacts (e.g. transparent conducting electrodes), circuit board structures, and resistance layers
  • position and inclination sensor based on bidirectional OLED microdisplays
  • biodegradable electronics for active implants
  • organic photo- and light-emitting diodes for analytical applications, automated image processing and diagnostic imaging techniques
  • backplanes for displays and sensors
  • design of application-specific integrated circuits to enable highly complex microelectronic components
  • thin-film corrosion sensors for monitoring sensitive objects
  • optical sensor platform for electro-optical measurements (e.g. detection of pH value and oxygen concentration)
  • multimodal sensor test bench as measuring station for gas sensors