Hygiene in the agricultural sector
using technologies of the Fraunhofer FEP

Hygiene is becoming ever more important and this is particularly so in the agricultural and food sectors. The Fraunhofer FEP possesses a proven method for efficiently freeing seed products, foods, and animal feed of pathogens within a matter of seconds. The method uses low energy electrons to permanently kill germs. The method is purely physical - pathogens can hence not develop any resistance. Also, chemical residues are not a problem, meaning, for example, that excess of seed can be readily used as animal feed.

Electrons also play an important role in modifying renewable raw materials. For example, by customizing the energy of the electrons the surface properties of the raw materials can be adapted for their further processing. At the Fraunhofer FEP we develop electron beam sources for a wide variety of applications. For example, a technology has been developed for agricultural machinery to detect foreign objects. The range of services we offer extends here from technology and process development right through to generating complete package solutions, including technology transfer.

We will gladly help you find a specific solution to your problem.

  • Electron treatment of seeds
  • Electron beam disinfection of animal feed and food products
  • Modification of materials made from renewable resources
  • Technology in agricultural machines for detecting foreign objects