Annual Report 2022/23

© Fraunhofer FEP / Photographer: Ronald Bonß

Dear partners of Fraunhofer FEP,
Dear readers,

In 2021, I took over the directorship of the Fraunhofer FEP and last year’s annual report reflects our excitement and optimism towards new horizons, projects and plans. In 2022, as an institute we began to implement many of the planned steps, but also had to overcome some unexpected new hurdles. In February 2022, Prof. Kirchhoff handed over the baton of institute direction me, and I am grateful for the six months that we spent together leading the Fraunhofer FEP. In parallel, I started to establish the Chair of Coating Technologies for Electronics at the TU Dresden. This has already created a promising basis for future synergies and joint research, for example in the field of energy research and semiconductor technologies. The first employees have been recruited for the purpose of promoting the exchange and expansion of scientific excellence at the institute. Furthermore, the researchers at the institute contribute their expertise within various networks, such as the innovation cluster HZwo on the topic of hydrogen or the cluster of excellence CeTI of the TU Dresden on the tactile internet. I am particularly pleased that in 2023 one of our PhD candidates received one of the prestigious scholarships to conduct research in the field of hydrogen technologies at the TU Dresden within a project funded by the Boysen Foundation.
Despite initial uncertainties, which also accompanied us in 2022 due to the global pandemic situation, we succeeded in acquiring several major projects within the framework of public funding at the state, federal and EU levels. For example, the implementation phase of the »EdgeVision« project was approved as part of the federal government‘s RUBIN funding (Regional Entrepreneurial Alliances for Innovation). This is the cornerstone for the establishment of a regional network for the development of a high-performance ultra-low-power edge AI, visualization and sensor platform for secure IoT and human-technology interaction in Eastern Saxony.

Thanks to great efforts by our FEP scientists, we have succeeded in acquiring new projects with industrial partners from Germany as well as worldwide, which contribute greatly to the stable financing of the institute. In this context, the division Microdisplays and Sensors acquired the third largest industrial contract in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in 2022.

To assure all necessary processes, especially in administration and project controlling, major challenges had to be mastered in the past year. The introduction of a fully comprehensive SAP portfolio in January entailed a large number of changes and high additional workloads for the entire staff. All of the Fraunhofer FEP employees have my gratitude and admiration for their incredible patience, cooperation, willingness to learn and flexibility in finding short-term solutions to safeguard daily operations.

In the hot summer, after a long break, we were finally able to open our doors to the public again and to show our research to many interested visitors during the Dresden Long Night of Science. Afterwards, we restarted our presence at major trade fairs, e. g. at ACHEMA and electronica - the world‘s leading trade fairs for process industry and electronics, respectively. Fraunhofer FEP‘s new research results were also discussed live with great interest at several specialist conferences such as BIOEurope. Topics such as effective metal extraction with electron-stimulated microorganisms by bioleaching or the modular AR service platform for industrial manufacturing attracted a wide range of interest.

As a passionate cyclist, it was my particular pleasure to join our colleagues and all of Dresden‘s Fraunhofer Institutes in cycling to a respectable 6th place in the city cycling competition in the fall of 2022. But it is not only with our research – e. g. on thin-film technologies for the energy transition for smart windows – or by cycling that we want to contribute to a good climate. When we built our new laboratories on Bodenbacher Straße, great emphasis was put on the use of energy-saving technology and materials right from the start. Fraunhofer FEP is also the first institute in the entire research landscape in Germany with a certified energy management system!

In 2022 Fraunhofer FEP started a strategy process, and we will present the results in 2023 to an external committee. The goal was to engage a large number of colleagues from all departments in this process to define a roadmap for the next five years. We are focusing on the scientific divisions, as well as organizational topics ranging from IT to human resources. Our aim is to define sustainable approaches to prepare our institute for the future, and to establish a platform on which we can continually reorient ourselves according to the needs of our customers and partners, to changing external circumstances, with to the well-being of our employees.

Finally, I would like to thank all our employees as well as our funding bodies and industry and academic partners for their continued great trust, support, and cooperation!

In our annual report we go into depth on the highlights from the last 12 months. Enjoy reading and I look forward to continued good cooperation!


Research News


Fraunhofer FEP was able to bring in 12.1 million € of new business from industry through direct contracts. Proceeds of 9.2 million € were obtained from public projects funded by the federal and state governments. A portion of these, amounting to 3.8 million €, was attracted through joint publicly funded projects with mid-cap companies. The expenditure of institutional capital ran to 7.1 million €.

Employee development

197 staff members were employed at the institute during the past year, of which 9 were trainees, along with 25 student trainees as well as 37 scientific assistants. Of the 75 staff members that were employed as scientists, 13 were additionally working on their doctoral degrees. The proportion of females in the scientific area amounted to 26 percent.

Investment costs

Total expenditures from the operating and investment budget amounted to 28.4 million €. 1.2 million € was invested in equipment, construction and infrastructure during the period.


Staff and material costs

Personnel expenditures totaled 14.6 million €, representing 53.6 percent of the operating budget (27.2 million €). Material costs amounted to 12.6 million €.

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