The packaging sector is under enormous cost pressure: Packaging materials must not be too costly, but are enormously important for the quality and storage life of the end products. The technologies of the Fraunhofer FEP in the area of vacuum coating and surface modification with electrons are ideal for this task due to their high productivity and the excellent surface properties that can be achieved.

Permeation barriers against oxygen and water vapor guarantee the quality of your products. We develop technologies for applying flexible transparent barrier layers at favorable cost. In addition to applying a wide variety of functional layers, we can also treat surfaces in a matter of seconds using electrons, for example for curing printing inks and for the reduction of germs.

We will gladly help you develop highly productive technologies and processes for customizing your packaging!

  • Vacuum roll-to-roll coating of polymer films and metal foils
  • Barrier coatings
  • Electron beam sterilization of packaged products
  • Electron beam curing of inks
  • Electron beam modification of polymer surfaces