Environment and energy

In order to become widely used, the production costs of environmentally friendly technologies must be lowered further. Especially for energy storage systems this is a strategically important goal. Efficient technologies developed by the Fraunhofer FEP can make an important contribution here. Vacuum coating processes can be used with a large number of layer materials, giving differing layer properties and opening up a wide variety of applications.

For example, we are developing cost-efficient coatings for energy storage systems and electron beam processes for curing printed thin film batteries. Electron beams, as a versatile tool, allow customized energy input into materials and therefore modification of those materials. They can also be used to kill germs in contaminated waste water and in exhaust gases.

We would be glad to discuss the specific needs for your application with you.

Energy storage systems

Use of regenerative energies

  • thermal barrier layers for turbine blades
  • coatings for fuel cells
  • layer systems for solar heating and photovoltaic systems

Material recycling

  • improvement of the wear resistance of rubber seals
  • modification of recycled plastics and raw materials for plastic manufacture

Germ reduction in waste water / exhaust gas

  • disinfection of contaminated waste water
  • exhaust gas treatment from gas turbines