Technological key components

Our core expertise lies the development new technologies for surface treatment and their transfer to systems suitable for industrial use. For this purpose, we develop, implement, and integrate key components tailored for industrial applications. In addition to the development of electron-beam, coating, and plasma sources, we also offer specific electrical supply, control, and regulation technology for electron-beam, sputter technology, and plasma-activated high-rate evaporation.

Our range of services also includes commissioning and advanced development of the components on-site at our customers' premises as well as long-term support and engineering services. The range of services for technology transfer is supplemented by the availability of sample coatings and substrate treatment as part of pilot production on our development platform.

Integrated key cmponents

  • Development, production, and integration of industrial electron/beam, coating, and plasma sources as well as specific electrical supply, control, and regulation systems
  • Sample coatings and substrate treatments as part of pilot production at test facilities
  • Technology transfer, commissioning, and long-term customer support