Mechanical engineering

Surface modification for mechanical engineering at the Fraunhofer FEP

Optimized surfaces are the basis for a lot of innovation in the machine building sector. Layers that make products and components resistant to corrosion, wear, and scratching have enormous commercial importance. Indeed, the damage caused by corrosion alone amounts to billions annually. Layers having reduced friction also make a significant contribution to lowering energy and material consumption.

Using sputtering technology, plasma-activated high-rate deposition and high-rate PECVD, Fraunhofer FEP develops highly efficient vacuum processes and technologies to clean surfaces and components and to improve their properties via deposition of a wide variety of layers and layer systems. Together with the Fraunhofer Business Area Cleaning  we offer a broad portfolio of surface cleaning technologies.

We use electron beams as a versatile tool to weld components, cure surfaces, or customize properties. The scaling up of processes under near-industrial production conditions is a key aspect of our work.

PVD coatings

  • corrosion protection layers and hard material layers for automotive industry
  • corrosion protection layers for rivet elements for hybrid construction in the car manufacturing and rail vehicle manufacturing industries
  • thermal barrier layers for turbine blades
  • sun protection films for car glass
  • low-friction and abrasion-resistant hard material layers for engine components
  • blue mirrors for external automobile glass

Electron beam modification

  • electron beam welding of gearwheels, turbocharger shafts, housing assemblies, etc. (Strahltechnologie Dresden GmbH)
  • electron beam curing of coatings, cam shafts, gear assemblies
  • electron beam modification of plastics


  • plasma pre-treatment
  • wet-chemical cleaning
  • consultancy on cleaning of components