Business units

Our work areas are subdivided into various business units, based on the different materials and geometries being processed and based on special technical synergies.

The plant technology and special process know-how for specific coating tasks are combined in the following business units:


Flexible Products

We develop technologies, processes and key components for the vacuum coating of flexible products such as polymer films and thin metal foils, textiles, membranes and paper.


Coating of Metal Sheets and Strips,
Energy Technologies

We are concerned with the large-area vacuum coating of metal sheets and strips at high deposition rates. In addition to the environmental friendliness the advantage of our processes is the almost inexhaustible range of layer materials which far exceeds the materials that can be used for conventional surface modification.

Development of
Customized Electron Beam Systems and Technologies

We use electrons as a versatile tool. The thermal effect of electrons is used for welding or evaporating metals, and for modifying the surface layer of metals. The chemical-biological effect of electrons is used to cure organic materials, change their surface properties, and sterilize materials.


Coating of Parts

We coat 3-dimensional objects made of metal, ceramics, or glass in order to adapt their surface properties and so improve their functionality and service life.


Precision Coating

We develop processes and technologies to precisely and homogenously apply electrical, optical, acoustic, and magnetic layers and layer systems on large areas. This provides the basis for new products in the area of optics, electronics, sensor technology, photovoltaic systems, storage media, and biomedical technology.

Medical and Biotechnological Applications

At Fraunhofer FEP we have been developing technologies for modifying and coating surfaces for many years. Today, this expertise is allowing us to apply biofunctional coatings to surfaces and to customize surface properties. We are increasingly using this know-how for medical technology, for example to functionalize dressing material, or to improve the biocompatibility of implants.