/  June 19, 2017  -  June 20, 2017

Silicon Saxony Day

Meet Fraunhofer FEP during 12. Silicon Saxony Day, June 20, 2017 in Dresden, Germany!

Scientists will present their innovations and technologies in three minutes to a proficient audience. New trends in ICT, microelectronics, life science, energy systems and smart materials await you!

10:00 - 12:00 am Expert Session:
“Connected Wearables - enabling IoT and augmented-reality (AR)” (Session Chair: Dr. Uwe Vogel, Fraunhofer FEP)

02:00 – 04:00 pm Expert Session:
“Manufacturing Support with Smart Mobile Devices” (Co-Moderator: Dr. Uwe Vogel, Fraunhofer FEP)

04:00 - 05:30 pm Science Pitch:
“Smart Eyewear: Enhancing battery life and imperceptible interaction” (Dr. Uwe Vogel, Fraunhofer FEP)

"Piezoelectric AlN for micro energy harvesting, MEMS and electronic devices" (Dr. Peter Frach, Fraunhofer FEP)

"Electronics and OLED lighting in textiles" (Jan Hesse, Fraunhofer FEP)

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