Flexible organic electronics

Organic semiconductors allow large area components as organic light emitting diodes or organic solar cells on flexible substrates.

With modules on thin substrates, as metal- and polymer films or ultrathin flexible glass, completely new lighting solutions (integrated into curved surfaces) can be realized. Especially the transparency of modules matters.

These modules can come into application where design requirements are linked with efficiency and lightweight as for instance in automotive and aircraft industry, but also for integration into furniture, interior or packaging.

Fraunhofer FEP has an extensive know-how along the entire value chain for the development of flexible OLED-modules: from a bare substrate to an integrated luminaire. We offer our customers and partners R&D services for each step of the value chain up to customized layouts on prototypes for small batch series.

Our offer

Fraunhofer FEP offers an extensive know-how for fabrication and treatment of flexible substrates with organic electronics along the entire value chain:

  • Substrate structuring
  • Vacuum coating
  • Wet-hybrid processes
  • Encapsulation processes
  • Characterization
  • Integration and triggering
  • Customer specific layouts
  • Process transfer
  • Licensing


  • OLED on flexible substrates
  • Flexible solar modules
  • Transparent solar cells
  • Colour-variable OLED


  • Roll-to-roll line for OLED and OPV
  • S2S clean room
  • Characterization lab