Electron beam machine for surface structuring and for fine and micro welding processes

The electron beam equipment is used to weld, structure and engrave small parts made of conducting materials.

Electron beam welding has the important advantage compared to other techniques, that materials as well as critical material combinations can be joined without using additional substances. Very narrow welding seams with extreme aspect ratio and high processing rates are possible. Additionally, the process involves the lowest heat input on a substrate for a given weld depth. Due to this minimum heat input, thermally sensitive probes (e.g. sensors) can be welded as well as surfaces of thermally sensitive materials can be processed.

Typical substrates

  • small parts made of conducting materials having a height and diameter of up to 15 cm

Range of applications

  • electron beam welding and microwelding of parts
  • medical products (such as implants)
  • sensors and devices used in electronics and measuring technology
  • homogenous and heterogeneous combination of materials, e.g. steel-steel or copper-stainless steel
  • joining of refractory metals (e.g. titanium)
  • welding of parts having very different geometry
  • local remelting of surface layers
  • electron beam structuring of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • inscribing and engraving of workpieces