04 | 2021 – West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau appoints Dr. Gösta Mattausch as honorary professor

Dresden /

On June 4, 2021, Dr. Gösta Mattausch was ceremonially appointed Honorary Professor of Electron Beam Technology at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ).

© Fraunhofer FEP / Fotograf: Ronald Bonß
Prof. Dr. Gösta Mattausch

Dr. Gösta Mattausch is head of the business unit "Development of Electron Beam Systems and Technologies" at the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP in Dresden, Germany. For many years, there have already been close cooperation between various Fraunhofer institutes and the WHZ. The partnership with the Fraunhofer FEP even reaches back to the 1990s. As research institutions with a focus on applied research, the Fraunhofer institutes are outstanding starting points both for WHZ students and for joint work on research topics by the university lecturers.

„By appointing Dr. Gösta Mattausch, this fruitful cooperation will be strengthened and intensified", stated laudator and physics professor Dr. Stefan Braun about the new honorary professor, who was ceremoniously dignified on his appointment in the Faculty of Physical Engineering/Informatics.


Longstanding cooperation in research and teaching

Dr. Gösta Mattausch is actively teaching for the WHZ since 2011. Currently, he offers courses on "Electron beam and plasma technology for nanotechnology" and a complex practical course at the laboratory and pilot facilities of Fraunhofer FEP in Dresden as part of the module "Fabrication and properties of nanostructures and nanolayers" of the master's program "Nanotechnology". Not only from this do current and future students benefit. Numerous bachelor's and master's theses carried out in cooperation between Fraunhofer FEP and WHZ emerged from the close collaboration.

"It is truly a pleasure to be able to work with the excellently educated students, but also with my highly motivated colleagues at WHZ”, says the new honorary professor, explaining his long-standing commitment.


Cooperation with interdisciplinary benefits

The research work in the business unit represented by Dr. Gösta Mattausch at Fraunhofer FEP is focused on the use of high-power electron beams for wide-ranging applications in research and production. This involves the development of thermal, chemical and biological processes, but also special electron beam and plasma sources or customized system solutions. The use of secondary effects such as X-rays or electron backscattering for imaging and for the control and quality assurance of technological processes also plays an important role. These competences contribute to a wide range of projects, including micromachining of thin films, surface refinement, welding and additive manufacturing of components, plasma-activated high-rate vapor deposition, modification of plastics, biotechnological and medical applications, disinfection of seeds, and – increasingly – environmental technologies such as the purification of exhaust gases and wastewater. This results in an excellent synergy between the teaching and research topics represented by Fraunhofer FEP and those of WHZ, with benefits for both institutions and also for their partners in industry.

Due to the range of topics covered by Fraunhofer FEP, the study programs of the PTI faculty "Physical Engineering", "Nanotechnology", "Environmental Technology and Renewable Energies" and "Biomedical Engineering" will benefit from the cooperation. In addition, Fraunhofer FEP is also working on numerous issues related to the study programs "Electrical Engineering" and "Mechanical Engineering", so that there will also be mutual connections here.