Smart Service World Joint Project "Glass@Service"

Interactive personalized visualization in industrial processes at the example of the digital factory (test process in electronics manufacturing)


Overall objectives

  • Integration of interactive Smart Glasses for the factory of the future
    • Additions/replacement of workplace HMI by hands-free augmented-reality (AR) Smart Glasses
        • As an example at workplaces for visual inspection
        • Use by operators, technicians, ....
        • 8h/layer
    • Involvement into local process IT
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher flexibility, diversity of editable processes
  • Higher quality, error reduction/-prevention by AR technology
  • Improved training
  • User acceptance, ergonomics
  • Employee motivation: enjoy working with innovative work equipment

Consortium and respective market and application potential

Innovation potential

Service (use-cases)

  • Support of quality assurance and repair processes via eye-controlled, hands-free user interaction: Operation and information in the same line of sight - no shift of the focus of attention
  • Examples of new mobile use-cases ( as well stationary usable):
    1. AR-supported optical inspection of electronic flat modules,
    2. AR-supported, quality assurance in commissioning/logistics
  • Wide spectrum of applications by flexible app integration
  • Focus on ergonomics to ensure safety of practicability

Software and IT infrastructure

  • Real Augmented Reality (and not "Augmented Video")
  • Innovative user interaction by gestures and eye movements
  • Sufficient limitation of Smart Glass functionality and interaction for safe use in the company network with transferability of these data security functions on standard Android Wearables

Hardware (Data Glasses)

  • Bi-directional image sensor in the Smart Glass enables simultaneous image reproduction and recording
  • AR-HMD calibration in combination with Eye-Tracking enables tracking view control mode
  • Maximized battery life by low-power display and system electronics as well as optically efficient near-to-eye optics
  • Integrated zoom function (optics)
  • Hand and object tracking with 3D depth sensor
  • Sufficiently large field of view, > 25°