novoFlex® 600

Pilot-plant for the roll-to-roll coating of flexible materials (plastic films, textile materials, metal foils) using the following technologies:

  • pulsed sputtering
  • Thermal evaporation
  • Electron beam evaporation
  • plasma pre-treatment

Typical substrates

  • web widths up to: ≤ 600 mm
  • substrate thickness: 3 ... 250 µm
  • maximum outer roll diameter: 500 mm

Range of applications

  • Development of technologies for coating plastic films and other flexible materials
  • Development of layer systems (optical, electrical and decorative functional layers, barrier layers), products and coating technologies for vacuum belt coating
  • Development of plasma pretreatment processes
  • Development and testing of key components
  • Scaling up of coating technologies for large strip widths and high strip speedContract coating in the pilot phase of a product