Displays and Wearables

Displays in consumer and professional applications are getting more and more sophisticated. Smart phones, wearables or TVs are equipped with numerous functions to interactively reflect and capture the world. This comprises ultra-high definition, flexible substrates, sunlight-readability, high-contrast, gesture and eye control, scratch resistance and others. The upcoming wearable market demands specific miniaturized and low-power display solutions, such as microdisplays in smart glasses. This raises the requirements for new device concepts, e.g., bi-directional micro-displays (i.e., capable in both display and image sensor function) and novel layer coatings to achieve advanced optical performance and quality.


  • Bidirectional OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays
  • Microdisplays in various resolution and layouts
  • Autostereoscopic 3D-displays
  • CMOS design, optic design, system integration, IC design
  • OLED microstructuring e.g. with orthogonal photolithography
  • Functional layers for displays