Electrochemical Energy Storage

Fraunhofer FEP develops Li-ion and thin-film batteries of new generation

Fraunhofer FEP applies high-rate roll-to-roll coating and evaporation processes for the development of novel Li-ion and thin-film batteries.

In the internal Fraunhofer MAVO* project »"Lift-off" with Li-S-batteries: cyclically stable and intrinsically secure batteries with energy density > 400 Wh/kg (LiScell)« Fraunhofer FEP is focusing on roll-to-roll deposition of anodes. The aim of this work is to gain control over the anode structure and to use the upscaled process for other applications, as for instance electrodes. The application of novel anodes in a battery results in further steps needed for the development of other battery cell components.


Fraunhofer FEP investigates a high-rate roll-to-roll deposition process of solid-state electrolytes with plasma-assisted thermal evaporation in the project »Investigation of photonic process technology and equipment for industrial production of Li-thin-film batteries in thin-film technology (ProSoLitBat)«, funded through national German grant. Beside chemical stability, these layers enable to increase ionic conductivity in novel thin-film solid-state batteries.


*MAVO: marketoriented initial research, internal Fraunhofer program