Sensors / organic photodiodes

Sensors / organic photodiodes

Organic photodiodes are integrated monolithically on wafer level on top of high-performance CMOS circuitries. The spectral behavior can be adapted according to your specific application and wavelengths outside the visible range can be detected. The active layers can be processed by various processes such as e.g. evaporation in high vacuum, by liquid processes or by a hybrid approach.

For the development and evaluation of active layers or layer systems, we offer a development platform with various substrates, wafer layouts and processes.

The evaluation kit consists of an SVGA image sensor, which uses an organic photodiode for detection. Read out is realized by a simple electronics over USB.

  • 0.63" screen diagonal
  • 800 × 600 pixels
  • 16 µm pixel pitch
  • monochrome image sensor
  • 8 Bit grayscale