Organic electronics

Our core expertise in organic electronics includes the development of technologies and processes for the fabrication of organic electronic components based on semiconducting hydrocarbon compounds. Pilot production lines are available for this purpose. Our focus is on process development for the deposition and structuring of thin organic layers as well as on encapsulation and system integration. The portfolio ranges from the creation of simple OLED layouts on various substrates up to OLED-on-silicon technologies (e.g. for microdisplays) and component integration. The components are used in OLED-microdisplays, in organic photodiodes for sensors, organic photovoltaics (OPV) and organic thin-film transistors.

Our offer

  • Technology and process development for organic electronic components on research and pilot production lines
  • We cover the complete value chain – from developing the layout to final encapsulation
  • Module integration for OLEDs, microdisplays, and sensors
  • Inspection and sample production
  • Evaluation and characterization of the devices


Optimized Laser Cutting Processes and System Solutions for Separation of Ultra-Thin Glass for OLED Lighting and Display Applications


This article shows that gap-free, laser-based cutting processes using ultra-short pulse lasers can be applied well to ultra-thin glass applications