Coating of components

We coat 3-dimensional objects made of metal, ceramics, or glass in order to adapt their surface properties and so improve their functionality and service life. Using vacuum coating technologies such as sputtering technology, plasma-activated high-rate deposition, and high-rate PECVD, we improve the resistance of tools and components to corrosion, scratching, and abrasion. Decorative features, demanding optical properties, biofunctionality, and biocompatibility can also be achieved by applying suitable layers and multilayer systems.

Physical and material characterization studies and biocompatibility tests in our biomedical laboratory unit enables  us to directly test the effects of coatings and provide our customers with effective solutions for modifying their materials and products. Our range of services thus covers feasibility studies and small series right through to technology transfer to full production of processes/products developed at the Fraunhofer FEP.

Our offer

  • development of layer systems and coating technologies for coating components and tools
  • feasibility studies
  • sample coatings
  • development and supply of technology components (substrate heating units, plasma sources, magnetron sputtering sources, process control units)
  • support with implementing and integrating our technology into production processes of our customers
  • consultancy concerning process selection, plant design as well as productivity and cost estimates


  • reactive pulse magnetron sputtering
  • plasma-activated high-rate deposition (thermal evaporation), non-reactive and reactive
  • high-rate PECVD
  • plasma pre-treatment using hollow cathode plasma sources
  • pulsed plasma treatment (etching, activation)
  • thermal treatment in vacuo or in a reactive gas atmosphere
  • physico-chemical characterization and biomedical testing facilities


  • abrasion-resistant layers on tools
  • corrosion protection layers on components (bulk goods)
  • anatase TiO2-layers for improving the biocompatibility of medical implants and instruments
  • optical multilayer systems on 3-D-parts