Coating of metal sheets and strips

We are concerned with the large-area vacuum coating of metal sheets and strips at high deposition rates. In addition to the environmental friendliness the advantage of our processes is the almost inexhaustible range of layer materials which far exceeds the materials that can be used for conventional surface modification.

Besides the deposition of almost all metals, alloys and chemical compounds like SiO2, TiO2, TiN, Al2O3 and other chemical compositions can be deposited as thin layers.

With this material variety we can deposit layers and multilayer systems for a manifold of applications.

Our offer

  • development of coating technologies and layer systems for your product
  • vacuum coating of high-area samples (metal sheets and strips)
  • development of key components (evaporators, plasma sources, pretreatment equipment)
  • technology transfer to your production
  • customer support for realization of production plants


  • electron beam evaporation
  • plasma-activated (electron beam) high-rate deposition
  • high-rate deposition - thermal deposition
  • pulse magnetron sputtering
  • high-rate PECVD
  • plasma surface treatment via sputter-etching
  • thermal treatment in vacuo
  • wet-chemical pre-cleaning
  • other vacuum coating processes on request


  • corrosion protection for steel sheet with Zn/Mg alloy coating
  • stainless steel sheet with decorative, scratch-resistant coatings
  • corrosion protection for steel sheet with metallic coating of Al, Cr, Ti, Cu or stainless steel
  • functional layers for photovoltaics and solar thermal systems
  • metal sheets and strips with carbon based hard coatings
  • "easy-to-clean" surfaces [ youtube-Video ]
  • transparent scratch resistant layers

We are well-equipped for product development work and pilot production covering a broad range of applications. Benefit from our expertise for your future product and for the future-oriented upgrading of your production!


  • MAXI [ PDF ]
  • ILA 900 [ PDF ]
  • CATE [ PDF ]
  • novoFlex® 600 [ PDF ]
  • EMO [ PDF ]
  • VERSA [ PDF ]
  • CLAIRE [ PDF ]