O-BUTTON is based on OLED technology – organic light emitting diodes. OLED is an area-light source and comes in a variety of possible emission colours. What colour is your mood today? You can find possible colours, shapes and patterns on the "customizing" subitem.


It is possible to create OLEDs of various sizes and designs. Make the O-BUTTON to your personal brand. Emission colours available. Standard colours: red, green, white. The emission area can be patterned with every design you can imagine...


Create your own systems for sensing and interacting with the world around you with the modular O-BUTTON system.
First of all, the O-BUTTON is an Output device – it emits light: as a stand-alone device or as a matrix via i²c-driving.
It can be combined with a touch sensor, integrated on an energy harvesting module or equipped with an organic solar cell instead of the OLED.


Electrical specifications O-BUTTON Basic:

  • Low power (DC 3V; 5 mA @ 1000 cd/m²)
  • PWM controllable: arduino,
  • 2 pin connectivity (Iin; GND)

Electrical specifications O-BUTTON Matrix:

  • Low power (DC 3V; 5 mA @ 1000 cd/m²)
  • compatible with Adafruit's Neopixel (W2812 integrated)
  • 4 pin connectivity (Iin; GND; Din; Dout)

Mechanical specifications O-BUTTON:

  • Dimensions: Diameter 24 mm; Emission area 12x12 mm²
  • electrical contacting: conductive yarn
  • water resistant (coming soon)